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When somebody talks of the escorts, the first assumption that comes to the mind is sex. Yet, successful escorts realise that their clients are not solely inclined for sex but in reality, they look probably for more. After all, if a person solely wants sexual activity, he can hire a prostitute  or look for someone, who is ready to be a part of the one-night stand. Why escorts only? Clients who look for the companionship of an escort actually look for far more than sexual encounter. It is the job of the Delhi Escorts actually, to pin point, what is that a client longs for. While the reasons to hire an escort may vary, there are some common wishes that escorts may aim to fulfil. Actually being successful escorts means a high IQ level and an intelligent mind. I am Shweta Mahajan, an escort in Delhi. I am an educated professional girl, working as an escort, since past a few months. Just after a short discussion, I guess what for the client has come to me and then, I make efforts to satisfy his dreams and desires. My profile is also available at Independent Delhi Escorts Service. I satisfy my client not only bodily but psychologically too. I relieve the mind, body and the soul from the stress. I know, clients want the escort to take the lead in most of the cases. They doesn’t want to be the in charge during sexual encounters. And in such cases, I initiate the foreplay. I enjoy to be in the role of being a submissive escort, taking the orders from the master and calling the shots.

I guide them for the pleasure some sex. I make erotic sexual moves to arouse my clients. I also help them to prolong the sexual encounter and ensure, they don’t explode soon. I understand the problems due to lack of experience and confidence, that the clients face in the encounter. I feel free to guide my clients, the young ones particularly. I gently tell them about the moves to be taken so that they can enjoy to the fullest and things progress naturally. I pay attention to the cues from his body language and words, when he responds to my advances. Giving adequate response to his jokes or comments is pre-requisite. Some clients just want the Delhi Call Girls to think that they are humorous. I understand that men takes pride in making a woman smile or laugh. I allow his fantasy of being the life of our sexual encounter. The clients need an encouragement from the escort and I do it precisely. I provide verbal and non-verbal cues that his behavior is completely acceptable to me. I provide him a safe and secure atmosphere, which let him free from their fears. I find the appealing trait in my client and make him feel good about it. I too get compliments from my clients, regarding my smile, eyes and sense of humour. I have excellent bedroom abilities. I also understand that clients need a chance to be emotional, as they need to show having a strong personality. They don’t have any emotional outlet. They don’t know anybody; they can profess their fears to and discuss the feelings. So, I am here to offer the true companionship to them.

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